Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayer Requests 1-17-10

Galloway family: sympathy following the sudden death of their 27 year old son

Jamie and Kasi Carroll (friends of the Andersons): Kasi is battling breast cancer

Chris and Bekka Kinzer Gannon (Bekkah is a former Mayfair member) : expecting twins and one of the twins is not growing like he should; critical decisions will be made about their delivery soon

Kyle Kuepker's cousin: her husband was recently deployed overseas and will be gone at least 9 months

Chris Anderson's father: has been serving is Afghanistan for some time; will be home next month for a 2 week break and then will return to Afghanistan for 2 more months

Budd Forshee (Birmingham co-worker of Ryan Bowerman): may have surgery soon for severe intestinal problems

Sara Clark asked for prayers for family friends in Texas.  Jeri and her son were in Haiti during the earthquake last week, and Jeri dies from injuries sustained in the quake.

Jon Stacy requested prayers for a client from his company, Kristie Montiel.  Her husband has been deployed to Irag for 12-15 months. 

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